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Kai- Centred Drabbles

For jongincredible ♡  / Because university is exhausting and writing lets me take a break.
All prompts from EXO OT10 Prompt Generator.

Caretaker (optional setting: superpowers)
Fluff, MAMA!AU, 334w

A flash of lightening bursts colour in Jongdae’s mostly pitch-black room and he smiles to himself knowingly. He knows that he’ll have a guest soon.

Jongdae knows that Jongin can’t sleep when there is a storm outside. He knows that the weather puts him on edge and the harder it rains, the louder the thunder and the brighter the lightening, the greater the chances are that Jongdae is going to find Jongin crawling into his room and under the blankets of his bed.

So it isn’t much of a surprise when he hears his bedroom door creek open. From his place on the bed, Jongdae watches as the shadow in his doorway flinches at another boom of thunder that rattles the house and then bolts into the bedroom, quickly shutting the door behind him.

“Hyung,” Jongdae hears Jongin whimper, struggling to find the corner of Jongdae’s blanket in the darkness so that he can climb in with the elder.

Taking pitting on Jongin, Jongdae chuckles softly as he quickly pulls his blanket up and smiles when Jongin lets out a sigh of relief. Without much warning, Jongin flops down beside Jongdae on the bed and places his head next to the elder man’s on the pillow.

Wrapping the blanket around them both, Jongdae rests his open palm on Jongin’s shoulder, rubbing his thumb into the soft skin he finds there.

Another flash of lightening brightens the room and Jongin whimpers, moving impossibly closer to Jongdae as he groans, “Hyung, can’t you do something?”

Jongdae smiles, having known that it was only a matter of time until Jongin to asks this of him. Moving his hand to rest on Jongin’s jaw, Jongdae brushes his thumb against the younger man’s cheek and shakes his head even though he knows Jongin can’t see it.

“You know I can’t stop the storms every time you’re scared,” Jongdae says softly, “but just remember that when you’re with me, the storms can’t harm you.”

Jongin sighs miserably but nods his head in understanding as he curls into Jongdae’s smaller form.

Nap time (optional setting: video game)
Fluff, 279w

Jongdae and Baekhyun have been sitting on the floor in front of the television, playing video games for what Jongin would argue feels like a century and he’s getting bored. Scratch that. He is bored. Because watching Jongdae and Baekhyun scream at one another as they continue to equally stuck at the same game for hours is not Jongin’s idea of a fun Saturday.

Then to Jongin’s misfortune, Chanyeol shows up but just as Jongin’s positive he’s in for even more shouting and arguing, Jongdae hands the controller over to Chanyeol before climbing up on the couch next to Jongin.

“Bored?” Jongdae questions, lips curved into that irresistible smile Jongin can’t help but smile back at.

Jongin shrugs, yawning softly.

They start watching Chanyeol and Baekhyun play yet another round of some new racing game when Jongin rests his head on Jongdae’s shoulder and laughs at Chanyeol’s attempt to distract Baekhyun.

“Is that what we looked like?” Jongdae questions, resting his hand on Jongin’s thigh and pressing in just the right way to cause the younger man to let out content sigh.

Jongin hums, nuzzling closer to Jongdae. It’s not so boring now that Jongin’s got someone to snuggle into and Jongdae is the perfect partner for a quick catnap. He knows the other is on the verge of falling asleep as well when Jongdae rests his head against his own and lets out a yawn into the back of his hand.

It doesn’t take long for the pair of them to lean back into the couch, curled up around one another as they nod off to sleep with the sound of Baekhyun and Chanyeol arguing in the background.

Trust (optional setting: artificial intelligence/cyborgs/robots)
Sci-fi, Adventure 355w

Minseok is out of options and out of safe places to hide. They were supposed to be in and out, seeking out resources that might help them survive another couple months before heading home. This was not supposed to happen. Minseok curses under his breath, holstering his gun with a sigh. There’s no point in using the weapon –they don’t work on the robot’s currently hunting him and his friends.

Nothing has been the same since the artificial intelligence they used to depend on for everything took over. These robots, Minseok thinks bitterly, they play at being humans but lack the feeling and emotion that makes them human.

“Minseok,” he hears Joonmyun call from the other side of the narrow hallway he and Yixing are hiding in, “Minseok –behind you!”

Gulping, Minseok prepares himself, ready to defend himself when a hand suddenly forces it’s way over his mouth and pulls him to their chest. A group of men –robots- storm past them in the hallway and Minseok stares on in horror, assuming the one who’s got a hold on him is going to reveal him.

“I want to help,” a soft, far away voice says in his ear and Minseok shudders before pulling their hand away and turns to glare at them.

Minseok’s about to curse the other out and demand an explanation when he’s struck by how young the other looks. His dark skin forces him to blend in with the shadow’s they’re hiding in but his wide eyes stand in stark contrast, pulling Minseok in. Again, they repeat, “I want to help.” And Minseok can’t help but stare at their full lips.

Licking his lips, Minseok looks away as he questions, “why would you do that?”

They hear footsteps coming toward them once more and the boy pulls Minseok to him. This time Minseok is thrown off by how warm he feels.

“I want to help.” He repeats again, lips pressed again Minseok’s ear.


“Because I’m different from them.”

Closet (optional setting: high school)
High school!au, Humour 301w

“Seven minutes in heaven!” Baekhyun screeches drunkenly, waving his arms around. Sehun thinks he looks like one of those dancing advertisement balloons that business’ use to get people’s attention. Sehun snorts, pointing at Baekhyun as he pictures the elder as one of those balloons because it's probably the greatest thing since Chanyeol accidently pantsed himself in the middle of a basketball game. He nearly falls off the couch laughing.

“Sehun you’re first!” Baekhyun suddenly says, looking and sounding a hundred times more sober and Sehun whines, positive the elder teen knows he was making fun of him and now he’s being punished. “And Jongin!” Baekhyun continues. Scratch that. Totally being punished.

Whining, Sehun shakes his head at Baekhyun silently, as the other pulls him up from the couch and starts pulling him to the closet where Jongin is standing silently.

“Seven minutes, boys!” Baekhyun says with an evil glint in his eyes.

They’re pushed into the small space and Sehun’s scrunches his nose. He’s positive there are gym clothes stashed away in there and he is momentarily glad that there is so little room that he and Jongin are pressed so close all he can really smell is the other’s cologne.

“Your first time at a senior party?” Jongin asks after a second, grinning.

Sehun sighs, “I went to middle school with those idiot hyung’s out there.”

Jongin nods, chuckling softly. His grin turning into a wide, toothy smile and Sehun can’t stop staring. It isn’t a secret among his friends that he has the biggest crush on Jongin since the first day of high school.

“So, we still have at least five minutes in here,” Jongin says, resting his hand on Sehun’s shoulder, “want to make the most of it?”

What if someone catches us? (optional setting: exo as non-sm idols)
Fluff, 196w

Sitting on the edge of the roof top, Kyungsoo looks down at the ground that he now realizes is so very far down. He’s pretty sure he lets out a gasp and leans back because Jongin is suddenly smiling at him and holding his hand.

“Don’t worry,” Jongin smiles, “you won’t fall.”

Kyungsoo smiles awkwardly, momentarily thinking Jongin is certifiably insane because he can’t promise that, all it would take is one lapse in judgement and they would fall, but he likes Jongin and as crazy as it sounds, he trusts him, so he asks, “what if we get caught?”

Jongin shakes his head, looking down at the figure’s walking about their campus. “I come up here all the time,” he pauses, throwing a balled up piece of paper which lands near the feet of another student who just kicks it away, “no one ever notices or cares.”

At this, Kyungsoo frowns, turning his palm upward so he can thread his fingers through Jongin’s, “never?”

Jongin nods, looking Kyungsoo in the eyes as he smiles widely, his eyes disappearing into crescents, “it’s not so bad really,” he tightens his hold on Kyungsoo’s hand, “you’re here now.”

Tags: fandom: exo, genre: action/adventure, genre: au, genre: fluff, genre: humour, length: drabble, pairing: jongdae/jongin, pairing: jongin/sehun, pairing: kyungsoo/jongin, pairing: minseok/jongin, ▽ fanfiction
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